Protecting What's Important

Lifestyle, Income and Family.

Who We Are

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Savino Tax & Investment Advisory Group, located in Newport Beach, CA, was founded by Tom Savino a retirement and investment specialist.

At Savino Tax & Investment Advisory Group, we specialize in low-risk investment strategies that are designed to be defensive during times of market volatility and opportunistic during times of growth. This strategy allows our clients to secure a better, and worry-free, retirement.


How We Can Help

  As fiduciaries, our commitment to you is simple: To be honest, transparent and always looking out for your best interest first and always.

At Savino Advisory Group, it is our goal to help our clients create a comprehensive financial plan that is designed to secure their financial futures and ensure their peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.

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What does it take to retire? How much money do you need? Where does Social Security fit and how do I make the most of my assets? These are just some of the questions <% =AdvisorFirstName %> teaches retirees and soon-to-be-retirees how to answer.

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